Sample Desserts

Orange & Grand Mariniere Soufflé with Confit Orange £5.95
Chateau Theulet Monbazillac £5.50 125ml Glass £16.00 Half Bottle
A creamy sweet wine showing the magic of “noble rot” in a
lighter style.  Perfect for slightly tart puddings and blue cheeses

Passion Fruit and Kiwi Mousse with Exotic Fruit Salad and Lime Syrup £6.00
Brown Brothers Orange Flora Muscat £5.50 125ml Glass £16.00 Half Bottle
One word ‘Nectar’ – Perfect for balancing out
desserts that are cream based.

Assiette of Chocolate £6.50
(Chocolate & Frangelico Cappuccino Cup, Chocolate Fondant, Chocolate Brulee)

Trio of Lemon Desserts £5.95
(Lemon Parfait, Lemon Souffle and Lemon Tart)
Elysium Black Muscat £6.50 125ml Glass £18.75 Half Bottle
Bursting with Blackcurrants

Homemade Ice Creams £5.50

Vanilla Bean. Coffee & Baileys. Almond. Prune & Armagnac. Blueberry

An extra twist, why not try a shot of Pedro Ximenez (PX)
with the Vanilla Ice Cream
Sweet and chocolaty with a nutty, almost liquidised Christmas pudding flavour.
Trust me!!

Homemade Sorbets £4.95
Blackcurrant. Mango. Lemon. Green Apple
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